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In all the history of the world, there has never been a family quite like yours. Every family is unique and wonderful in its own way. Shelby Tavern is a professional family photographer in Amarillo, Texas. She loves capturing smiles and laughter, preserving memories that your family will treasure for a lifetime.

Unique Family Photography | Amarillo Portrait Photographer

Families are meant to have fun together: it’s when your personalities really shine. The more laughter, the better. With her enthusiastic, colorful style, Shelby gets to know you and your family, bringing out your personalities in her portraits. She works with you to create the family portraits you want. Shelby is always up for an adventure.

Outdoor Family Portraits | Fun Family Photography

Shelby loves working in Amarillo, Texas. It offers a host of unique locations for family portraits. From colorful urban streets, to sunny parks, to honest rustic farms and fields, there is a place to take the family portraits you want. Shelby’s thoughtful, artistic instincts and friendly sense of humor will help record the memories for you.

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